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Why enrichment is important for dogs

Published on 27th December 2016

Corozal Enrichment is ESSENTIAL to helping promote the wellbeing of your dog ***Keep boredom at bay and help reduce destructive type behaviours*** Enrichment encourages an animal’s natural behaviours, providing different experiences for their senses. It’s essential Read more…

COMMON MYTH: My dog does pulls on it’s lead because he’s dominant REALITY: The concept of “dominance” is still being used incorrectly to explain inappropriate behaviour in dogs. This is because dominance actually describes a Read more…

COMMON MYTH: dogs feel human emotions like guilt and shame REALITY: dogs are said to feel emotions such as joy, fear, anger, disgust and even love, however it seems likely that your dog will not Read more…

What is a reactive dog?

Published on 22nd February 2016

The term ‘reactive dog’ is a relatively new term to describe the type of behaviour a dog does particularly when on lead.

Cheltenham dog training – on lead obedience

Published on 9th December 2015

Introduction to Cheltenham dog training – on lead obedience This article will look at how to train your dog on lead obedience with particular reference to the excited greeter. The excited greeter is one which Read more…