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Pet behaviour foundation programme and ongoing support

Premium pet behaviour support based in Cheltenham covering the whole of Gloucestershire, UK and Europe

If you have an anxious or shy dog or are having issues with your pet in general I offer the most effective, simple and kind advice to give you both the best support. 

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My role as a pet behaviour counsellor and canine behaviourist is to advise and support you on reducing your pet’s inappropriate behaviours, making your life less stressful!

Moineşti – Specialising with canine anxiety

The species of animals I have worked with include: http://siftstar.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://siftstar.com/2006/10/27/nuances-of-living/ dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and rodents. Although my main specialist area is helping owners of anxious or reactive dogs.

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I do this by treating the underlying emotional issues, but also by helping you to take back control on walks, with the ability to cope in real-life, challenging situations.

I have successfully worked with local public figures, high profile businesses and have had several media appearances focusing on the area of behavioural therapy in exotics and my work with anxious dogs.

– Areas and issues I cover

I am Cheltenham based but cover the whole of Gloucestershire and all UK and Europe (with additional travel costs) consulting only on very specialist behaviours including:

  • Abnormal repetitive behaviours
  • Fear based behaviours/anxiety
  • Inappropriate vocal behaviour
  • Phobias
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Multi-dog household issues
  • Avian, feline behaviour and exotics (degus, corvids, ferrets)

The foundation programme – 2 months of unrivalled support!

Step 1 – your free discovery session

I invite you to have a free 15 minute phone discovery session, where we discuss your pet’s needs and for you to get to know me. It’s simple to book by following the contact details below.

Please book your free discovery call on: helen@socialpawscheltenham.co.uk

Step 2 – the initial consultation (including history taking, pre support and training therapy plans)

The initial consultation is the baseline session in which we build your bespoke training and behavioural plan; after all, nobody else can tell you what your ideal dog should be like.

I work only on a veterinary referral for behavioural issues, which is a simple form for you to sign including vet’s details and confirmation of a recent medical check up or booking prior to our session.

The consultation incudes preparation, history taking and liasing with your vet, so even before your first session you are fully prepped with some foundation stuff to get you started. This is then followed by a easy to digest therapy plan with some simple and effective tasks that can be completed in between sessions. 

Step 3 – the follow up sessions

Now that we’ve built the plan, it’s time to put it into action! We start out with 3 additional sessions, but we can always add more as necessary. Please note for multi dog aggression or separation anxiety maintenance programmes will be needed to see acheivable results. 

Here’s your breakdown:

  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • 1 in person consultation session (aprox 75 to 90 minutes per session), so we cover every base
  • 3 additional 50 to 60 minute sessions (can be extended with our maintenance programmes)
  • Ongoing support via email/text/phone
  • To be taken within 8 weeks (although there can be a little flexibility)

*PRICE: £475 payment required prior to our first session (payment plans can be made available with a minimum of £250 to secure your initial consultation).

* When working with anxious dogs we may need to reduce the time if so we will happily give you extra sessions to make up the time

* Day rate distance work and overseas work also available, please request prices (starting from £550).

* Please note that due to my qualifications (BSc Hons) and accreditations your dog insurance policy may cover the cost of my professional services, but this should be checked with your insurance provider first as policies vary. Payments are requested via bank transfer and payment confirms booking.

Monthly maintenance programmes (recommended after your foundation programme)

We always recommend our maintenance programmes so you can continue to meet on a two weekly or weekly basis and also benefit from ongoing support. (Rates apply within 20 miles, but clients are welcome to travel to Cheltenham).

  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • Two sessions per month or weekly sessions
  • 50 to 60 minutes per session
  • Stooge dogs/additional handlers if required
  • Minimum of 1 month’s sign up
  • Weekly online check ins
  • Ongoing support via email or video critique via WhatsApp

Prices on request