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Anxious pet, reactive dog or new rescue dog?


Award Winning Pet Behaviour Therapy, Rehabilitation & Dog Training in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire

There will be good times and bad times, those yippee moments, but also moments where you feel you are ready to give up.

Despite what others think your dog or pet is not being naughty and you are making progress. But now is the time to get the help you truly deserve, push forward instead of constantly looking over your shoulder…

Does this sound familiar?

Your dog keeps barking on the lead

Walking your dog often leaves you embarrassed, stressed and frustrated

You’ve stopped inviting friends around

You’ve tried every training class, read every article and still can’t seem to help your dog

Here’s how I can help you

Discover enjoyable walks, without the embarrassment and a happy sociable dog.

A calm and confident pet who you love to spend time with.

A stress free settling in period with your rescue dog.

As an accredited dog trainer and pet behaviourist my methods are kind, effective and force free. Through my unique, ongoing, support programme I’m there to coach, mentor and advise you, every step of the way. You will be only 1 of 2 new clients I will take on a month to ensure optimised learning, proven results and individual support.

I am more than just a dog trainer. I offer emotional support and as your wingman and cheerleader I help you on your journey every step of the way instead of constantly putting you down.

Recent awards and features

Voted top 50 Greatest Gloucestershire Women of all time. Category – animal welfare.

Featured in Dog’s Monthly Magazine.

As featured on ITV’s This Morning.

Full member of the IMDT (Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers).

Provisional Member of the APBC.

Anti-bullying Officer of ICAN.

“Helen is a rare breed – a uniquely dedicated pet carer with exemplary qualifications, dedication and commitment.”

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